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Christiania 12: Happy Feet

For those of you having heard Christianaia 12’s first record (Classic Jazz), this new release may come as a surprise. C 12, which is the bands new name, has developed from being a typical hot, late Twenties style band into a group very much inspired by the early swing period. They still do the old tunes, but have now a much more varied repertoire.
Trygve Hernæs

Anders Bjørnstad, Per Borthen, Tore Jensen, trumpets | Aage Teigen, Ola Rønnow, trombones
Peter Opsvik, clarinet, alto saxophone, baryton saxophone | Øistein Isachsen, clarinet, alto saxophone
Totti Bergh, soprano saxophone, tenor saxophone | Arild Berger, piano | Børre Frydenlund, banjo, guitar, vocal
Svein Otto Aarbostad, string bass | Bjørn Olufsen, drums

Roy Hellvin, except 6 and 9.
Rolf Sundby 6, Erik Eilertsen 9.

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Happy Feet