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C 12 and CJB: Classic Jazz

This CD celebrates the 25th anniversary of The Christiania Jazzband of Oslo, Norway. It is also the first release by The Christiania 12, a late twentieth-style big band.

Christiania Jazzband was organised in 1970 by trombone player Tore Frøberg. The band started as a New Orleans outfit, heavily influenced by people like clarinet player George Lewis, and also by Danish musicians and bands like Papa Bue's Viking Jazzband. Anyway, CJB never sounded like any of these bands, mainly because of their front line with a saxophone instead of the usual clarinet.

Christiania 12, started in 1992, is some kind of an off'shot from Christiania Jazzband. This is their first recording.
Arne Bryn

Anders Bjørnstad, Per Borthen, Tore Jensen, trumpets | Aage Teigen, Øivind Fjellheim, trombones
Peter Opsvik, clarinet, alto saxophone, tenor saxophone | Øistein Isachsen, clarinet, alto saxophone
Totti Bergh, clarinet, soprano saxophone, tenor saxophone | Arild Berger, piano | Børre Frydenlund, banjo, guitar, vocal
Jan Kristiansen, bass | Per Frydenlund, drums

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